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User agreement

Document created by José R. Onís & Eduardo Carrasco. Last revision 2020/11/18



SIMSPA is not a virtual airline. It´s much more. Why settle for flying with just one airline when you can fly them all?

SIMSPA is the only Spanish website that offers you the possibility to fly with 24 airlines, more than 2.000 destinations with their real life callsigns and registration numbers, and a fleet of more than 600 aircrafts parked throughout the Spanish geography.

At SIMSPA, you will be able to fly regular lines with the main Spanish airlines, such as IBERIA, Air Europa, Vueling, Air Nostrum o Volotea, among many others. Alternatively, you can fly charter routes with companies such as Albastar, Air Horizon, Wamos or Plus Ultra to holiday resorts, business trips or important events. Or even fly historical routes with Aviaco, Spanair or Futura, with a legendary fleet whose difficulty is way above the modern airliners. A whole world of possibilities at your fingertips.

SIMSPA gives you the opportunity to use any flight simulator, since it´s 100% compatible with Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, PREPAR3D, X-PLANE 10, X-PLANE 11 and even the brand new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

It is also usable in all platforms, so you will be able to run it under Windows, macOS or Linux.

The only requirement is having an active account in both VATSIM and SIMBRIEF (both registrations are completely free)

Our flight reporting system is linked to VATSIM through a web application we have developed ourselves. Thanks to this system, you will be able to report your flights quickly and simple without the need to install any additional software.

First steps


The first time you log in as a registered pilot you will see in your Pilot sheet your current location, which you have chosen during the registration process. From this airport you will be able to choose the flight mode, aircraft and destination.

Every time you finish a flight, your location will change, as well as the aircraft you have used. From your new location, you will have the chance to continue flying with your last aircraft or choose another one from another or the same company.

At the main Spanish airports such as Madrid, Barcelona or Palma de Mallorca you will find the location of most of the Spanish airlines, since many of them have their HUB or HQ in one of these airports. In these locations, you will find a wider variety of possibilities than at the rest of airports.

You can change your flight mode any time you like. If you have flown a regular flight from Madrid to Barcelona, for example, your next flight can be a charter or a historical flight with a different airline. It´s your sole decision.

Flight Modes


SIMSPA offers three different flight modes: Regular, Charter and Historical mode. Each one of them is different and has its own features.

Regular mode

Regular flights are the routes and flights that airlines schedule on a regular basis. In other words: the scheduled flights, with their own routes and callsigns as part of their daily operations.

All the information contained in this site has been obtained from official sources in order to simulate to the maximum real operations of the Spanish carriers. Real life destinations, callsigns, fleets and registration numbers have been introduced in our database in order to offer full realism.

Charter mode

Charter flights, unlike regular ones, are usually hired by a tour operator or travel agency for transporting passengers to holiday resorts. Tickets are not directly sold to the travellers but included in packages when hiring the trip. These type of flights are usually cheaper.

We have done the same thing with charter flights: obtaining the data from official sources to offer you real routes, callsigns and destinations.

Historic mode

The Historical Mode allows pilots to fly operations with Spanish airlines already disappeared. One of the last ones was Spanair, on January 22nd, 2012.

Besides Spanair, we have incorporated other carriers such as Aviaco and Futura. Through this flight mode, pilots can recreate these airlines real operations using legendary aircrafts such as the MD-82, the DC-9 or the 727-200.

The biggest difference between the historical Mode and the other two modes, is that it doesn’t add points to your SIMSPA Pilot sheet, but EXP points (more information in next chapter “Points System”).

Points System


Required points to unlock endorsements and promotions

International endorsement Captain Instructor Captain
10.000 points 50.000 points 100 EXP + Captain
International flights Multiply your obtained points x2 Multiply your obtained points x3

Experience Points (EXP)

For every Historical mode flight, you will obtain one experience point. Experience points are represented as EXP.

Endorsements and promotions


International Endorsement

Once you have unlock it, you will be able to fly both domestic and international flights alike. It costs 10.000 points.


To promote to Captain you will need to spend 50.000 points. Pilots who hold this rank, will double the points obtained for each operation (only applicable to Regular and Charter modes).

Instructor Captain

The Rank of Instructor Captain is the top challenge that any SIMSPA pilot can face. To reach it, you will need to hold the Captain rank and additionally 100 EXP in your Pilot sheet. Pilots holding this rank will triple the points obtained for each operation (only applicable to Regular and Charter modes).

Fleet Maintenance


Maintenance cycles

Just like in the real thing, each aircraft has its own maintenance cycle and it´s subject to regular inspections. Once you choose an aircraft, you will notice a percentage associated to it. Aircrafts that show a percentage close to 100% have been inspected and are ready to go, while those with a low percentage will need to pass an inspection at it's home base airport or HUB, resetting automatically to 100% and getting ready for next flights.